Congratulations Sarah E.K. Smith and Carla Taunton / Lisa Karen Taylor (Honourable Mention)


JCS Best Article Prize (Vol. 52 2018):
Sarah E.K. Smith and Carla Taunton’s article “Unsettling Canadian Heritage: Decolonial Aesthetics in Canadian Video and Performance Art” (vol. 52, no.1) showcases the work of artists Leah Decter, Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyêñ, and Caroline Monnet. Smith and Taunton examine the ways that elements of Canadian heritage such as the canoe, the Centennial, and NFB video archives are taken up in the work of these three artists. The authors argue that these contemporary art practices expand heritage away from closed nationalist narratives and toward decolonial aesthetics that centre settler accountability and Indigenous resurgence. In drawing together contemporary art and settler colonial studies, the article provides new insight into the possibilities and limitations of heritage studies.

Honourable Mention:
Lisa Karen Taylor’s article “Pedagogies of Remembrance and ‘Doing Critical Heritage’ in the Teaching of History: Counter-Memorializing Canada 150 with Future Leaders” (vol 52, no.1), explores what critical heritage studies might offer to history education. Drawing from a counter history exercise included in an undergraduate history education course, which culminated in the construction of a counter-memorial, the article provides important insight into the place of remembrance and heritage in national discourse and in history education.